Automobile Lemon Laws – A Means To Protect Consumer Rights

You have probably heard of automobile lemon laws before, but do you really understand the implications of these laws? As a consumer, you should, because the automobile lemon laws will serve you in situations where you end up unintentionally purchasing a lemon.

Now you might even be more confused. The lemon in question is not that citrus fruit sitting on your kitchen counter. In consumer parlance, a lemon is something that is defective or does not meet the standards, particularly a vehicle that does not run properly, has irreparable damages, or fails to conform to safety measures. Automobile lemon laws refer to legislation that protects consumers who fall victim to such defective purchases.

All states have automobile lemon laws, and the specifications of the laws may vary from state to state. However, the main idea of the automobile lemon laws is the same. Automobile lemon laws give the consumer the right to demand for repairs, a suitable replacement, or a total refund.

If you buy an imperfect motor vehicle, automobile lemon laws will require the manufacturer to provide all necessary repairs to fix the vehicle. The automobile lemon laws allow the manufacturer a certain amount of time, or maybe a predefined number of attempts to repair the car. If the vehicle is still not in order after this allowance, then the manufacturer has to replace the car, under automobile lemon laws.

As the owner of the car, you may also use the automobile lemon laws to opt for a complete refund of the defective motor vehicle. Such refunds will include not only the retail cost of the vehicle which you have paid to the manufacturer, but the taxes and fees as well. Automobile lemon laws also grant you reimbursement for expenses on rental cars which you may have used when your defective car was under repair, as well as the actual cost of the repairs themselves.

When filing charges under the automobile lemon law, you must take into consideration the period of time wherein you are allowed to file suit. This window varies from state to state, but most automobile lemon laws give you about 2 to 3 years. You must also make sure that your vehicle is still covered by the original manufacturer’s warranty.

Filing a lawsuit under the automobile lemon laws is quite simple and you can probably do it yourself, but it is also a good idea to hire a lawyer specializing in automobile lemon law proceedings.

What you have to do is contact the manufacturer of the vehicle and notify them of your complaints. Take note that the automobile lemon laws will only work for you if you go straight to the manufacturer and not the dealer. Make sure that you have all your paperwork in order as these will be required in the court proceedings.

Once the manufacturer is faced with a lawsuit regarding automobile lemon laws, they will usually be accommodating and eager to repair your vehicle, or even provide a replacement. In rare cases where the manufacturer refuses to cooperate, the case will go to court and the services of an automobile lemon law attorney are necessary.


The automobile is one of the most important inventions ever created by man. It has revolutionized modern society as we know it. Can you imagine our world today without automobiles?

Ever since the pioneers of automotive technology created the first car, the automobile has gone a long way in changing the world. Today, the automobile–whether it is a car, truck or van–is an indispensable tool. It is the primary mode of transportation used in almost all human endeavors.

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